Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. First introduced in 1989 in the USA, Lexus is now sold globally and has become Japan's largest-selling make of premium cars.


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Lexus Peace of Mind Offer

From   30 Jan 2023   Till     limited period

Find a perfect Pre-Owned Lexus LX 570 with a complimentary service contract for 2 years/30,000km. Visit lexus.ae to book a test drive. Terms and conditions apply.

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Locations (Dubai) : DUBAI : Dubai Festival City,Dubai ; Lexus Sheikh Zayed Road showroom,Dubai

Locations (Sharjah & N.Emirates) : AJMAN : Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Steet,Ajman ; FUJAIRAH : Hamad Bin Abdullah Road,Fujairah ; RAK : Sheikh Mohamed Bin Salem Qasimi Road,RAK ; SHARJAH : 3rd Industrial street, Industrial Area 12,Sharjah

Locations (Abu Dhabi & Al ain) : ABUDHABI : Old Airport Road,Abudhabi ; Alain Sanaya Industrial Area,Abudhabi


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Recent Lexus offers you may have missed (Past Deals)

Lexus Range - Offers with Monthly Installments

Oct 2022   EXPIRED

- Lexus RX Hybrid : starting from AED 2,500/month with an exclusive 8 years/160,000km Hybrid Battery Warranty.

- 2023 Lexus GX : Drive it home from AED 2,100/month, Or, Own it with a 3 years/60,000km Service Contract.

- Lexus RX : from AED 2,700/month with 4 years/100,000km Warranty.

- 2023 Lexus UX : from AED 1,500/month with 4 years/100,000km Warranty.

- Lexus IS : starting from AED 1,900/month with 4 years/100,000km Warranty.

Lexus NX. Offer

Aug 2022   EXPIRED

The All-New Lexus NX. Inspired by beauty, the Lexus NX brings together the most refined exterior, smart technology and meticulously crafted interior to create something truly beautiful. Drive one home from AED 205,000.

Offers on the Lexus range

Aug 2022   EXPIRED

- Lexus UX from AED 1,600/month and benefit from 4 years/100,000km Warranty.
- Lexus IS from AED 1,800/month and benefit from 4 years/100,000km Warranty.
- Lexus GX: Own it with complimentary 1 year Insurance and 3 years/60,000km Service, Or, Drive it home from AED 2,000/month.
- Lexus RX Hybrid from AED 2,700/month and benefit from 8 years/160,000km Hybrid Battery Warranty.

Lexus Summer offer on AC refreshment services

Jul 2022   EXPIRED

Starting from AED 279, benefit from a 50% discount on AC Refreshment Service to keep you cool during this summer. Includes AC FILTER CLEANING, GAS TOP-UP, AC FILTER AND COOLING SYSTEM CHECKUP, ANTI-BACTERIAL TREATMENT, AC KLEEN TREATMENT etc..
Call 800 539872 (800-Lexus) for enquiries

2021 Lexus LX 570 offer

Jul 2022   EXPIRED

2021 Lexus LX 570 starting from AED 4,800 per month, offered with exclusive benefits including Complimentary 1 year Insurance, 3 years/60,000km Service. For enquiries call 800 539872.





Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Steet, Ajman 80053987
Dubai Festival City, Dubai 80053987
Lexus Sheikh Zayed Road showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 80053987
Hamad Bin Abdullah Road, Fujairah 80053987
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Salem Qasimi Road, RAK 80053987
3rd Industrial street, Industrial Area 12, [ Al Wahda Street], Sharjah 80053987

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Old Airport Road, Abudhabi 80053987
Alain Sanaya Industrial Area, [ Al Awwal Street], Abudhabi 80053987

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PHONE :- 80053987