Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation. First introduced in 1989 in the USA, Lexus is now sold globally and has become Japan's largest-selling make of premium cars.


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Lexus Service Offers

From   15 Mar 2022   Till     limited period

Double your peace of mind when you service your vehicle at Lexus. Pay for 2 Services and instead receive 4 Services with Service by Lexus.
Offer valid on 2015 and older Lexus models.

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Locations (Dubai) : DUBAI : Dubai Festival City,Dubai ; Lexus Sheikh Zayed Road showroom,Dubai

Locations (Sharjah & N.Emirates) : AJMAN : Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Steet,Ajman ; FUJAIRAH : Hamad Bin Abdullah Road,Fujairah ; RAK : Sheikh Mohamed Bin Salem Qasimi Road,RAK ; SHARJAH : 3rd Industrial street, Industrial Area 12,Sharjah

Locations (Abu Dhabi & Al ain) : ABUDHABI : Old Airport Road,Abudhabi ; Alain Sanaya Industrial Area,Abudhabi


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Recent Lexus offers you may have missed (Past Deals)

Emirates NBD and Al Futtaim financing offer on Lexus

Mar 2022   EXPIRED

0% interest rate, upto 120 days deferred payment plan on first payment, trade-in, easy approvals, on select models of Lexus - GX 2022 starting AED 255,000 and LX 2022 starting AED 490,000.

Unlock Amazing Lexus UX

Feb 2022   EXPIRED

Unlock the perfect balance between form and function with Lexus UX. Now available with the offer of your choice.
Offer 1: From AED160,000 with 3 years/60,000 km service contract & 1 year registration.
Offer 2: From AED1,500/month with 2 years/40,000 km service contract.

Lexus UX Offers

Jan 2022   EXPIRED

2 distinct offers on Lexus UX. Offer 1: From AED 160,000 with 3 years/60,000 km service, 1 year registration.
Offer 2: AED 1,500/month with a PCP plan with 2 years/40,000 km service.
Unlock Amazing with Lexus UX. Call 800-LEXUS (800 53987) For uptodate information and further details.

Lexus Service Offer

Jan 2022   EXPIRED

For a limited time, you can save up to 50% off on your service contract and give your Lexus the care it deserves.
Offer valid on 2015 and older Lexus models.

Lexus Offer By Al Futtaim

Dec 2021   EXPIRED

Own it now and benefit from:

2 years/30,000km Service contract and complimentary Paint Protection or Tinting.

The pre-owned Lexus UX comes with more than just peace of mind. Every last detail is checked by our experts and backed by exceptional benefits to deliver the most exhilarating drive possible.

Visit your nearest Lexus showroom or call 800 LEXUS (53987).
Offer valid on limited stock.





Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Steet, Ajman 80053987
Dubai Festival City, Dubai 80053987
Lexus Sheikh Zayed Road showroom, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai 80053987
Hamad Bin Abdullah Road, Fujairah 80053987
Sheikh Mohamed Bin Salem Qasimi Road, RAK 80053987
3rd Industrial street, Industrial Area 12, [ Al Wahda Street], Sharjah 80053987

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Old Airport Road, Abudhabi 80053987
Alain Sanaya Industrial Area, [ Al Awwal Street], Abudhabi 80053987

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PHONE :- 80053987