The Sharjah cooperation Society was found by ministerial decree (no. 16, 1977) as the first of cooperative societies in the United Arab Emirates.


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Sharjah Coop Crazy Deals of the week - Catalog

From   16 Jan 2020   Till   22 Jan 2020   EXPIRED

36 pages of deals this week at Sharjah Coop outlets. Offers on fresh fruits and veg, meat and fish, dairy products, packed items, chocolates, cooking essentials, personal care, household, and more. Check out catalog

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PRICE INDICATION : AED 3 - Avg starting price on fruits / veg. More prices in catalog.

[Catalog - 36 pages]


Locations (Sharjah & N.Emirates) : SHARJAH : Abushagara,Sharjah ; ASAS Branch,Sharjah ; Al Batayeh,Sharjah ; Al Thameed,Sharjah ; Al Hameriya,Sharjah ; Al Dhaid,Sharjah ; Al Rahmaniya,Sharjah ; Al Riqqa,Sharjah ; Al Sewihat,Sharjah ; Al Fayha,Sharjah ; Al Qarain,Sharjah ; Al Sharq,Sharjah ; Al Leya,Sharjah ; Al Madam,Sharjah ; Al Nakhilat,Sharjah ; Al Waha,Sharjah ; Al Nahda,Sharjah ; Halwan,Sharjah


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Recent Sharjah Co-op Society offers you may have missed (Past Deals)

Sharjah Coop Saving Deals - Catalog

Dec 2019   EXPIRED

40 pages of Saving deals thru the month. Includes food items, fresh fruits and veg, meat and poultry, cooking essentials, household, outdoor / barbecue and more. Check out catalog.

Sharjah Co-op Society UAE National Day Offer - Catalog

Nov 2019   EXPIRED

64 pages of special offers in this National day special catalog. Check it out, and avail this exciting chance to win gift vouchers worth AED 5000. Simply, spend AED 300 at one of Sharjah Co-op branches or shop online and enter the lucky draw.

Sharjah Co-op Society Big Savers Deal - Catalog

Nov 2019   EXPIRED

Big Savers Deals” valid from 7th – 18th November Avail shopping discounts on a lot of products ranging from beauty & skincare, biscuits & confectionaries to fresh/frozen food and groceries. Hurry up & visit the nearest branch.

Sharjah Co-op Society Family Offers - Catalog

Sep 2019   EXPIRED

Family offers on Grocery items, Fruits, Vegetables, Frozen products, Household, etc. from Sharjah Coop. Check out catalog.

Sharjah Co-op Society Eid Offer - Catalog

Aug 2019   EXPIRED

56 pages of Eid offers on Grocery items, Fruits, Vegetables, Frozen products, Household, etc. from Sharjah Coop. Check out catalog.



LOCATIONS OF Sharjah Co-op Society


Al Sewihat, Sharjah
Al Waha, Sharjah
Al Hameriya, Sharjah
Al Sharq, Sharjah
Abushagara, Sharjah
Al Riqqa, Sharjah
Al Nakhilat, Sharjah
Al Thameed, Sharjah
Al Qarain, Sharjah
Halwan, Sharjah
Al Rahmaniya, Sharjah
Al Madam, Sharjah
Al Batayeh, Sharjah
Al Fayha, Sharjah
Al Nahda, Sharjah
Al Dhaid, Sharjah
Al Leya, Sharjah
ASAS Branch, Sharjah

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